So to be completely transparent, this is kind of a side-gig for us, so we aren't like Amazon and we can't deliver your gear same-day by drones or something.  And we don't really want to be known as a discount, high-volume brand either because these are custom, quality pieces that take time to source and print.  We like being a boutique, and so it's worth the wait!

The fact is that each piece is made to order, special just for you.  And since these are custom garments made in very small batches, please keep in mind that they may take a little longer to get to you.  First, we source quality goods, which takes time to find and time to ship to us.  Then, we carefully print them with high quality equipment so they look extra badass for you.  Once they've passed our quality check, we ship them out as soon as possible.

Generally speaking, you can anticipate your order to arrive within 15 business days.  Depending on where you are in the world and the shipping method you choose, it could take longer.  But, in most cases it may take less time, in which case, that's awesome!


**Free shipping over $65 for North America customers only.

**If you have questions about shipping, please contact us BEFORE you order.  That way, we can figure out something that works for you. 


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